Enrich Salon

Enrich Salon

  • Timing: 11 am to 10 pm
  • Location: East Block, Ground Floor
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A happy story of accidental entrepreneurship, the founders brought to the table a mix of knowledge and experience from diverse fields. As it happened, it was this very set of diverse viewpoints that laid the foundation for enduring success.The thought and rigour which goes into making your visit exceptional even today, was instituted right from the time of inception. Use of systems and processes, the unisex set of services to be offered, focus on continuous learning and development, installing a Salon Management Team for smoother operations, adoption of technology, the loyalty program, and an open and responsive customer service orientation, are some of the things which keep you coming back to us. From the first salon in 1997 to the 86th we now have, you can be assured of consistent excellence.

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