Punekar Jewellers

Punekar Jewellers

  • Timing: 11 am to 10 pm
  • Location: East Block, First Floor
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We Manufacture Jewellery of Fine Quality Design. All our designs are professionally handcrafted by a qualified designers. As you know Jewellery is a gift of love, we are here to make people happy everyday. Whether you fall in love with one of our own special pieces of Jewellery or you have a design of your own you want us to create, we have a team of professional craftsman to ensure your full satisfaction is guaranteed. We have large collection of specially designed and crafted Jewellery. We deal in Gold, Diamond, Platinum, Sterling Silver Jewellery Gold Coins, Silver Articles and, Gemstones. Our Company offers what today’s consumers expect from the products they purchase. An investment with us comes with the added value of infinite possibilities tailored for every mood and wardrobe change. Your Jewellery is no longer a static design, but a fluid piece that can be perpetually customized in an unlimited number of combinations!


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